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Childbirth Education


Mindful Childbirth Education: Birthing Our Babies ... Mind, Body & Spirit!


This holistic childbirth course is ideal for pregnant couples who want to incorporate mindfulness practices to cultivate calm, inner strength and focus as part of their birth preparation. It combines a holistic understanding of birth, health and wellness and a multidisciplinary approach to teaching.


This course includes information on releasing fear, staying healthy and low-risk, informed decision making, stages of labor, comfort measures, possible medical interventions that could affect your birthing experience, specific and unique roles partners play in labor, birth plans, breastfeeding, new born care and much more. Each class series will include hands on activities, child birthing videos, relaxation methods and  practice exercises, designed specifically for labor and birth in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding hospitals. You will also get to meet and socialize with other soon to be parents!


Sundays: February 6, 13, 20 27th • 4-6pm 


This 4-week childbirth ed course will be offered and taught via Zoom.  

Private-in home childbirth preparation classes are also available; ideal for parents with busy scheduled or moms who are home on bed-rest. Please contact me for more information.

Fee: $525 per couple. Classes are forming now

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