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Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is an extra set of hands, as well as a compassionate person educated in basic newborn care and breastfeeding. It's like inviting a supportive and knowledgeable friend into your home to help you out without any judgement or unsolicited advice.


As your postpartum doula, I can help provide resources and information to guide you along this new path, but I will never tell you what to do. You know what is best for your child and your family. Being invited into a home during this precious and sacred time is a great honor, and with every family I work with I pledge to respect you, your family, your home, and your parenting styles.


The job of a postpartum doula is to be flexible. Every family needs something different. One of my primary goals is to work myself out of a job, to help you and your family transition as smoothly as possible (not to say there won't be any bumps and curves!) as you welcome your newest addition. What I do as a postpartum doula really varies from family to family. However, my primary focus is to care for and mother the mother.

How I can support you

  • Provide a list of referrals for local resources

  • Help mama with self-care recovery and postpartum comfort following the birth

  • Assistance with infant care (feeding, changing, bathing, etc.)

  • Provide basic breastfeeding support

  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks at my home and bring to you

  • Organize meal plan for family and friends to participate in

  • Make sure mama (and other family members) are eating and drinking enough

  • Run errands such as grocery shopping

  • Light housekeeping and baby laundry

  • Assist and provide support to other family members as they adjust to baby's presence (dad/partner, older siblings, grandparents, pets)

  • Accompany mom and baby Listen to birth story


Daytime shifts only

Fee: $40/hr ($100 non-refundable deposit)

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